Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Eberhard Weber - Little Movements (ECM, 2009)

Disc Two of the Colors Boxed Set has bassist and composer Weber joined by Charlie Mariano on soprano saxophone and flutes, Rainer BrĂ¼ninghaus on piano and synthesizer and John Marshall on drums. "The Last Stage Of A Long Journey" has a slow building and atmospheric opening, with spacey and airy saxophone and gentle piano at 4:50, building to something of a more palatable new age feel towards the end of the performance. "Bali" opens with shimmering synth and light saxophone. Drums and bass kick in, giving the music a shinier, almost poppy feel. Parts of this performance move episodically like a medley, especially a nice section for electronics and flute at the 6:30 mark. "A Dark Spell" features piano and bass building an open and spacious feel. Elastic bass, spare percussion and rippling piano give the music a pastoral feel. Mariano enters with swirling saxophone leading the group into a full band improvisation that takes things out. Sad sounding piano opens"Little Movements," overdubbed with added found sounds to make for a collage feel. Saxophone (possibly overdubbed) and full, think pulsing bass search over rolling and thrashing drums. "'No Trees?' He Said" ends the album on a light and melodic note, with Weber's swinging elastic bass showing the way. Colours -

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