Thursday, September 18, 2003

Little Whitt and Big Bo - Moody Swamp Blues (Vent, 1996)

Little Whitt and Big Bo were a fine blues duo who covered well-known blues standards and some original material in a laid back fashion on this release from 1996. These two guys were very comfortable with each other – Bo plays a very country blues style of harp, and Little Whitt plays a solid guitar (with a little slide, too!). They romp through the old Robert Johnson chestnut “Walking Blues” with Whitt laying down some nice delta slide and Bo whooping it up behind him on harp.

There’s a nice “back porch” feel to this record. The run through of Muddy Waters’ “Can’t Be Satisfied” is kept afloat with a brisk light drumbeat and Bo gets a nice solo. They manage to keep the braggadocio of the original version while turning it into a down home acoustic stomp.

Sadly, Big Bo McGee passed away in 2002. From what I read, he was a highly respected member of the Alabama blues community. This album makes for a fine memorial though, and it’s a sweet country blues record that should appeal to those blues fans who can enjoy the subtlety and taste of a couple of talented musicians.

Rating: 7

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