Thursday, September 18, 2003

This is going to be an informal music review site.

OK, here is the first post in this new project... I'm going to start off with the top 10+ so far for 2003. It's only mid September, so there's a long way to go and a lot of music still to be listened to. Discs and records are rated 1 to 10... So, here is a list of "8 and above discs":

Art Ensemble of Chicago Tribute to Lester 10
Frisell, Bill The Intercontinentals 10
Holland, Dave Extended Play 10
Murray, David Now is Another Time 9
Parker, William Eloping With the Sun 9
Shipp, Matthew Equlibrium 9
Amendola, Scott Cry 8.5
Bad Plus, The These are the Vistas 8.5
Black Keys thickfreakness 8.5
Thompson, Richard Old Kit Bag 8.5
White Stripes Elephant 8.5
Blue Series Continuum Good & Evil Sessions 8
DeFrancesco, Papa Jumpin' 8
Patneaude, Brian Variations 8
Garrett, Kenny Standard of Language 8
Hersch, Fred Live at the Village V. 8
Kills, The Keep on Your Mean Side 8
Rosenwinkel, Kurt Heartcore 8
Soulive Soulive 8
Van Ruller, Jesse Circles 8
Vandermark 5 Airports for Light 8
Wilson, Matt Humidity 8
Young, Neil Greendale 8
Zorn, John Masada Guitars 8

I'm not going to try to separate the discs within a given number yet, so when the time comes, a formal top ten is going to be pretty tough. It's been a good year for music!

Let me get one final thing out of the way up front as well - I'm a music fan and listener, I have no musical training and I don't play an instrument. So if I make a few statements that don't make a lot of sense, this is the reason why!

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