Thursday, November 13, 2003

Bob Dylan – Boston, MA 11/16/02

This was one of the concerts I received during a recent concert trade. Dylan has been on quite a run lately and he’s got a great band backing him up. What’s most interesting about this concert is the number of cover tunes that turn up. You’d think that somebody with a catalog of original music like Bob Dylan would stick to his own music, but he covers Neil Young’s “Old Man” as well as a couple of Warren Zevon tunes and the Rolling Stones “Brown Sugar.”

It’s a pretty solid show, not the best I’ve heard but very solid. The band jumps back and forth between up-tempo electric numbers like “Tombstone Blues” and the aforementioned “Brown Sugar” and more introspective acoustic songs such as Dylan’s “Every Grain of Sand” and “Mutineer” by Zevon.

Rating: 7.5

Concert set list
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