Thursday, November 20, 2003

Grant Green - Grantstand (Blue Note, 1962)

This is my favorite Grant Green recording and I have almost everything he recorded for Blue Note as a leader. He was just the model of consistency during this period.

Grantstand finds Green on guitar, Brother Jack McDuff on organ, Yusef Lateef on tenor saxophone and flute and Al Harewood on drums. Green is no stranger to organ jazz having record many albums with Larry Young and one with Jimmy Smith. Harewood and McDuff are in excellent form really driving the music forward and Green is with them step for step.

Yusef Lateef's presence is what makes this album particularly interesting and also makes it stand out from Grant Green's many other albums, even his more progressive ones like Solid and Matador. "Blues in Maude's Flat" is a wonderful bluesy jam stretching out over 15 minutes, and Green shows how well he plays the standard jazz canon on "My Funny Valentine." Lateef's flute sounds wonderful with the guitar and organ also, it's a shame that Green didn't record with this lineup more often.

Rating: 10

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