Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Favorite David Murray recordings:

The Hill
Octet Pays Trane
Now is Another Time
The Long Goodbye

I've been a big David Murray fan for a while now, he has a raw, exciting sound that really appeals to me. Yes, he's made about a million records over the course of his career. Most of the records are good, a (very) few are clinkers, and some (above) are classics. What's fascinating for me is that the records mentioned above are in such varied contexts. The Hill is a trio recording, The Long Goodbye is a touching quartet tribute to Don Pullen, Ming and Plays Trane are octet recordings and Now is Another Time is a big band (phew!)

Not many modern jazz musicians have had the opportunity to record in such different contexts and Murray has made the most of them. Recently he's been involved in world music jazz projects like the Caribbean jazz of Creole and Yonn-De and the excellent big band project with Cuban Musicians Now is Another Time. He seems to have found a home with the Canadian Justin Time label, so here's hoping for more great music in the future.

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