Monday, January 12, 2004

There's some wonderful live Dave Holland available from the BBC's Jazz on 3 web site. Click on "listen again to the latest show." Here' the playlist:

9th January 2004

Dave Holland quintet
Recorded at the Barbican, 8th July 2003
Dave Holland, double bass
Billy Kilson, drums
Chris Potter, saxophones
Robin Eubanks, trombone
Steve Nelson, vibraphone and marimba

TITLE Last minute man
COMPOSER Dave Holland

TITLE Herbacious
COMPOSER Dave Holland

TITLE Make Believe
COMPOSER Dave Holland

TITLE Global Citizen
COMPOSER Robin Eubanks

Dave Holland solo
Recorded at Baltica jazzfest, Salzau, Germany, 5th July 2003
Dave Holland, double bass

TITLE 3 Step dance
COMPOSER Glenn Moore

TITLE Goodbye Porkpie Hat
COMPOSER Charles Mingus

Landmark recording introduced by presenter, Jez Nelson

ARTIST Charles Mingus
TITLE C jam blues
COMPOSER Duke Ellington
ALBUM TITLE Mingus at Carnegie Hall
LABEL Atlantic Records / Rhino

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