Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Don Cherry - New York City 6/7/75

This was another of the concerts I've been downloading
from sharingthegroove.org. It's really what you
might call a "slice of life" recording, dropping in
right as the band is already in mid-performance. The
group is: Don Cherry tp, elp, voc; Sandy Bull g; Frank
Lowe ts, bs, ss, fl; Roger Blank dr; Ed Blackwell dr;
Hakim Jami b; William Parker b; Selene Fung ching. A
link for this show from a William Parker discography
provides the details.

The music from the concert is an interesting mix of
the "traditional" free-jazz and some of the world
music that Cherry had begun experimenting with. There
is the requisite chanting, and droning bass and drums,
but also some excellent straight-ahead trumpet playing
recalling the chops that Cherry showed as a member of
the legendary Ornette Coleman Quartet. Frank Lowe
tends to try to bring things into more of the outer
reaches of the jazz atmosphere with some very strong
and free playing particularly on tenor saxophone. It's
an interesting mix of music, catching Cherry at a
crossroads between the free jazz of his past and the
ethnic music that he would explore in depth. The sound
quality is OK, probably something like a well-traded
audience recording or fm radio broadcast.

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