Thursday, June 24, 2004

Lightnin' Hopkins - Remember Me: The Complete Herald Singles (Ember, 2000)

This disc was praised to the heavens on the All Music Guide in it's
earlier format on the Collectibles label, and had gone out of print. So
Frodo-like, I have been on a quest of some duration trying to track down
Lightnin' Hopkins small band singles for the Herald label. I was finally
able to find this English import disc of Hopkins' herald output in the
bargain bin (!) of Jack's Music in Red Bank and it really was worth searching for.

This disc has Lightnin' leading a small combo and playing some truly
blistering electric guitar. I think it's a little hard for people to
wrap their minds around the idea of him playing blasting electric blues,
because of the huge number of solo acoustic discs he made especially in
the 1960s.

All of the music here is good, but some standout tracks include the
uptempo instrumental "Hopkins Sky Hop," "Lightnin's Boogie" and the
spiteful "Don't Think That Cause You're Pretty." But all the tracks are
worthwhile and provide an interesting view into a legendary musician.

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