Monday, June 28, 2004

The music store where I did the majority of my haunting during graduate school is called The Last Vestige. It was within walking distance of the campus and I filled a lot of the hours between classes flipping through LPs and CDs.

So I found myself back in that area this past weekend and I couldn't resist stopping back there and seeing what was what. Now, if any music store was used as a model for the book and movie High Fidelity it was The Last Vestige, the same lifers have been working there as long as I have beeing visiting.

This visit really took the cake however. I flipped through the CDs and found a couple of keepers and then moved up into the small room with the jazz and blues vinyl only to find the owner and another employee sniffing the records, making faces and giggling. I've been to enough used record shops to know that your typical employee is a little eccentric, so I did my best to ignore it and concentrate on the task at hand.

But when shouts of "he didn't get this one too bad!" kept springing up, even my jaded attention was piqued. The upshot of the whole scene was that some distraught record collector had unloaded a collection of highly collectible records that his cat had urinated on. The owner and faithful employee were conducting a "smell-test" to see what price they could resonably sell the records for. You'll never see a scene like that at Borders or Tower!

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