Thursday, June 03, 2004

Short Takes

- A co-worker saw my post of May 31 about buying vinyl records and e-mailed this witty rejoinder:

> "so after I attend that, I'll stop buying vinyl... honest."
> My ASS you will....

Just remember buddy, when all of the big shots have gone home, I'm your supervisor by default. So if I decide that because of your "humor" you need to spend an evening cleaning toilets, you better start scrubbing!

- My friend Todd and his wife sent me an Iggy Pop and the Stooges DVD for my birthday (thanks!) I think I'm going to dump the librarian gig and become a drug counselor. After watching the Shane MacGowan and Iggy Pop DVD's, I think all I need to do is show them to "troubled teens" and say "well kids, is this in your future?" Scared straight indeed.

- Big thanks also to Brian P., who sent me a very cool mix CD that I've been listening to at the gym. Brian leads a band in Albany (see link at left) and has been recently playing some experimental "jazztronica" with a DJ.

- I've been getting into a lot of 60's psychedelic music lately, bands like Love and Soft Machine and the music from the Nuggets collections. If anyone has suggestions of bands of this ilk to check out, please pass them along - thanks!

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