Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Downbeat Readers Poll
I’m going to break down and buy a copy of the new Downbeat so I am eligible to vote in the Readers Poll. So far my ballot is looking like this:
Hall of Fame -  Sam Rivers
Musician of the Year - William Parker
Album of the Year - Susie Ibarra – Folkloriko
Reissue - Big John Patton - Mosaic Select
Record Label - Thirsty Ear
Electric Combo - Bill Frisell Quartet
Acoustic Combo - Dave Holland Quintet
Big Band - Sam Rivers’ RivBea Orchestra
Blues Musician – Joe Louis Walker
Blues Album - Kenny Neal & Billy Branch – Double Take
Beyond Group - The White Stripes
Beyond Album - Fiery Furnaces – Gallowsbird’s Bark
Arranger - -still thinking-
Composer - Andrew Hill
Trumpet - Dave Douglas
Flute - Sam Rivers
Tenor Saxophone - Chris Potter
Alto Saxophone - Greg Osby
Soprano Saxophone - Wayne Shorter
Clarinet - Perry Robinson
Electric Keyboard - Chick Corea
Acoustic Keyboard - Ethan Iverson
Oragn - Sam Yahel
Guitar - Bill Frisell
Electric Bass - -still thinking-
Acoustic Bass - Richard Davis
Drums - Matt Wilson
Percussion -  -still thinking-
Vibes - Stefon Harris
Misc. Instrument - David Murray (bass clarinet)
Male Singer - Mose Allison
Female Singer - -still thinking-
Vocal Group - who cares?

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