Saturday, July 17, 2004

Mylab – Mylab (Terminus, 2004)
A Wayne Horvitz project that's a bizarre mix of found sound, samples, remixes and jazz, Mylab is a look at jazz and roots music through a fun-house mirror of electronic experimentation. Bill Frisell is an excellent co-conspirator for this project with his penchant for the music of America's past and his own willingness to experiment.According to the All Music Guide, this record began with Horvitz and his collaborators taking various pieces of folk, blues and other older roots music and then remixing them and adding their own instrumental flair to the music of an earlier age. For the most part, the endeavor succeeds. Bill Frisell, as you would expect given his pedigree, is right at home in this context, adding pithy solos throughout and interacting with both the live musicians and the remixes very well.
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