Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The new Jazz Times has some interesting articles this time around. Maybe not worth buying, but certainly worth stopping at Borders to read over a cup of coffee. Among the gems are an interesting article by the ever-reliable Gary Giddins entitled “The New Benedetti’s” about people who record and collect concerts! No, he doesn’t talk about sharingthegroove.org, but he does talk about some people who have made it their goal to record the music of certain musicians, he gives the example of people recording Sarah Vaughan and Sonny Rollins.

There’s an interesting article by Nate Chimen re-appraising Kurt Rosemwinkle’s 2003 CD Heartcore. This disc was quite controversial in the jazz community for being produced by a hip-hop DJ and for containing a lot of electronics. I really enjoyed the disc and listed it an honorable mention best of 2003, however, not everyone felt the same and a lot of the jazz bulletin boards were burning up with dissention over this disc.

Finally, an article on the Ethiopiques series series of African music recordings that have on occasion focused on the jazz and r&b music that flowed out of that continent during the 70’s and 80’s.

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