Saturday, August 28, 2004

Short Takes:

Greg Osby’s web site has been updated with new mp3’s for your downloading pleasure. I listened to the set from the Jazz Standard June 1999 yesterday and it was quite good – don’t pass these up!

All About Jazz has an interesting article entitled “Nels Cline: An Intrepid Guitarist.” I just downloaded Cline’s new record The Giant Pin from E-Music, they have it months before the release date, and it’s quite good. It’s some pretty intense guitar – my colleagues in the office weren’t too happy when I was listening to it at my desk, but I enjoyed it!

Correction: John wrote in with a correction about my review of The Kinks Face to Face:

"Wonderboy" was a single in 1968, two years after Face To Face.
"Sunny Afternoon" would be considered the single.

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