Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Top Ten Non - Jazz

Mission of Burma – On Off On: A punk band comes back from a 20 year layoff and makes music equal to or better that the music of their youth – are you kidding me?

Libertines – (self titled): Pete Doherty’s drug problems had the band on the edge of extinction the whole way, but they still manage to hold together for another excellent album.

Franz Ferdinand – (self titled): Punk goes pop, and this is my guilty pleasure of the year.

Elvis Costello – Delivery Man: I originally wrote this off as another one of Elvis’ genre experiments, but happily it’s a blasting country rock album. A couple of dead spots on the ballads, but overall it’s a winner.

Joe Louis Walker – New Direction: Joe Louis Walker may just be the most consistently great bluesman of his generation. While this album may be titled New Direction, the music remains a mix of gutbucket blues and deep soul - the patented Joe Louis Walker sound.

Jody Williams – You Kept Me In the Dark: Ever since coming out of retirement a few years ago this former Howlin’ Wolf sideman has become a force on the blues scene.

The Blasters – Live (Going Home): Traditional rock and roll at its finest, a couple of guitars, bass, drums and a horn section… what more do you need?

Wilco – A Ghost is Born: I think the unexpected addition of experimental guitar hero Nels Cline was the real difference in improving the band’s reach over the overrated Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

The Black Keys – Rubber Factory: Scalding blues rock from this great duo. Greasy, stripped to the bone and raw.

Futureheads – (self titled): Another punk-pop band out of England, riding in Franz Ferdinand’s wake, but possibly even more talented.

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