Saturday, January 01, 2005

Albert King - Let’s Have a Natural Ball Modern Blues, 1989)

This is a crackling compilation disc of the 45's Albert King cut for the Bobbin and King labels in the mid-1950's. Even before King became known for his soulful excursions on the Stax label and his epic concerts at the Fillmore, he was well known a potent guitarist and singer. Much like the other King (B.B.) Albert was a patient guitarist who never forced the music and allowed everything space to breathe. Combining this with a few horns as his music often did, gave him a very fluid and soulful sound, and led to his burgeoning popularity.

A couple of instrumentals on this collection, "This Morning" and especially the explosive "Dyna-Flow" focus attention on King’s guitar playing, while the jump-blues of the title track and "Going to be Some Changes Made" bring the vocals to the fore. King was uniquely talented at slow tempos with the patience that allowed him to make emotional pleas like "Don’t Throw Your Love Away On Me So" into three minute works of art. Albert King was the complete package and this disc is recommended to anyone with an interest in electric blues.

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