Sunday, January 09, 2005

Interesting Articles

Francis Davis has written an article on Matthew Shipp for the new issue of the Atlantic. Their web site only offers an abstract, so here's a link to the Jazzcorner Speakeasy where the full text is available in the Speak Out forum in a thread called "Francis Davis on Matt Shipp in The Atlantic."

Bespectacled and tall and still wiry in his early forties, Shipp is the most dynamic and advanced of a growing number of pianists his age and younger whose starting point is the turning, elongated approach to melody and the inching, fragmented rhythms that Cecil Taylor introduced to jazz in the late 1950s, in the aftermath of bebop.

There was also an interesting article in the New York Times by Ben Ratliff about the new group being led by drummer Jack DeJohnette.

Half of the Wayne Shorter quartet has temporarily broken off, like a meteor separated from an asteroid, and landed in a new group led by Jack DeJohnette. In its first performance, on Tuesday night at Birdland, that glowing chunk illuminated whatever was set before it.

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