Friday, January 28, 2005

Pianists in the Times

The venerable New York Times has a review of Geri Allen performing live at the Village Vanguard:

Ms. Allen's musical temperament stayed with you after the music was over: the sound of her melodies and harmonies, a gently dissonant, old-world quality. She worked Mal Waldron's "Soul Eyes" into her set, after her own tune "Angels," and it seemed as if much of her own work descends from the mood of that pretty, floating, inscrutable piece of music.

Jason Moran, who has a hotly anticipated album due out shortly, also gets the Times treatment:

Many jazz musicians regard blues as a harmonic structure in which to fit swing rhythm and jazz-group interaction - as, for example, John Coltrane did on one of his best records, "Coltrane Plays the Blues." But when Mr. Moran thought blues, he also thought of shuffle beats and Texas guitar players; blues-as-blues style, not jazz-as-blues or merely blues form. To that end he hired the guitarist Marvin Sewell as a fourth member of his band, Bandwagon.

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