Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blues and Other News

A rare blues article in the New York Times leads off with a review of a "Legends of the Blues" triple bill at Avery Fischer Hall:

There's nothing humble about Buddy Guy, who turned a history-lesson concert into performance art on Friday night, when he headlined "Legends of the Blues" at Avery Fisher Hall. The concert was a conscientious event, presented by Q104.3, a classic-rock radio station that rarely if ever plays unvarnished blues.

The Times also has an article on composer - cornetist and frequent David Murray collaborator Butch Morris and his big band:

When you do something for 20 years, an elegance and economy of motion set in; you cut more quickly to the point. In a jazz group, with a musician leading the band, the point is the freedom of all the group's individual players, atop the consensual boundaries of a tune and the tailored group sound. In conducting classical music, the point is the written work filtered through the conductor: his temperament, his tempos, his interpretation of the score.

Finally, there's a short article by Nate Chinen in the Village Voice reviewing a recent concert by keyboardist and composer Vijay Iyer:

Halfway through "Ghost Time," the first of his two premieres at Merkin Hall, Vijay Iyer dashed off a series of discordant piano glissandi that evoked the improv iconography of Cecil Taylor. But the piece's algorithmic iBook accompaniment—a striation of chirrups, clicks, and throbs—described an avant-gardism of more recent vintage. Iyer, a rigorous thinker with a player's taste for action, bridged the gap with methodical chordal tattoos.

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