Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A couple of interesting articles...

Here's a very nice article from SFGate about Bill Frisell (Grammy winner!) and the interesting new CD, Richter 858.

Now Frisell is touring as leader of a string quartet whose radicalism ranks with that of such mavericks as Kronos, Ethel and the Soldier String Quartet. His 858 Quartet -- which performs Thursday, Feb. 3 in Healdsburg, Friday, Feb. 4 in Berkeley and Saturday, Feb. 5 in San Francisco -- was originally formed to play music inspired by a suite of eight abstract paintings by Gerhard Richter; San Francisco journalist/poet/record producer David Breskin masterminded the project. The music, initially packaged with a limited-edition book, was recently released by Songlines as a hybrid CD with a CD-ROM program featuring the paintings.

Ben Ratliff has written an article about an interesting ensemble playing the music of Thelonious Monk.

It is seldom heard in a small group, its original format, without a piano, the instrument Monk played. The drummer Ben Riley, who played with Monk for a fertile stretch in the mid-1960's, has taken on this challenge, leading the Ben Riley Monk Legacy Septet with arrangements by the trumpeter Don Sickler.

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