Monday, February 21, 2005

More interesting Odds and Ends

The Organissimo Jazz Forum has been hosting an interesting discussion about tenor saxophonist and bass clarinetist David Murray. It's interesting that this thread started as a celebration of Murray's 50th birthday but then turned into a spirited discussion of his ability and overall worth to the jazz community. One wag even goes so far as to call him the "Wynton of the Avant-Garde!"

The Times has an article about the auction of jazz memorabilia that has been much talked about recently:

Before the auction, jazz scholars expressed concern that many items had not been given directly to the Smithsonian or a comparable institution by the musicians' families. Scholars worried that the items would be taken out of the United States or otherwise never be made available again. (One piece, Coltrane's original arrangement for his most famous composition, "A Love Supreme," is an example. It has detailed notes in Coltrane's hand indicating that he planned five other percussionists for the piece besides his core quartet.)

They also have an article of short reviews of some recent records, including those by Ravi Coltrane and Dave Holland:

Mr. Coltrane avoids tired song structures and doesn't want to bore you. He's fascinated on one hand by miniatures and on the other by the idea of longer songs that sound like collective improvisation from start to finish. It's a record that you can point to and say: This is what jazz sounds like now in New York.

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