Sunday, February 06, 2005

Odds and Ends

I finally took the plunge and bought a Sirius satellite radio for my car. One of the advantages of Sirius is that you can also stream all of their music stations from any computer with a password. Which means no more having to lug my mp3 player or a bunch of cds to work to annoy my colleagues - now I can annoy them right from my computer! The jazz and blues stations are pretty good if a little pedestrian. Mostly classics with some mainstream new stuff thrown in. Their "Planet Jazz" station listed Soulive and EST as some of the groups played, but when I tried that one all I heard was cheesy smooth jazz. I'll stick with the "Pure Jazz" station that plays the classics. The bast station I've found so far is "Little Steven's Underground Garage" which plays garage rock past and present.

Speaking of garage rock, my friend John has started a rock and roll blog.

I finally have my laptop back up and running, so I'm able to download concerts from easytree again. Not a moment too soon, they've had excellent torrents from R.L. Burnside and the Dave Holland Quintet.

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