Monday, February 28, 2005

Quick reviews...

I'm trying to come to grips with all of the music I've been spinning and spare people some of the multi-paragraph "state the obvious" reviews I've done in the past.

Dexter Gordon - Doin' Allright - This is a fine Dexter Gordon LP, the first in his excellent run of records for Blue Note in the 1960's. Joined by Horace Parlan and Freddie Hubbard, the band roars through a fine blend of bebop and ballads. The highlight is a lengthy twelve minute version of "Society Red."

Otis Rush - Mourning in the Morning - This album by the great blues guitarist won't make anyone forget the classics he cut in the 50's but despite a few mis-steps it's a worthy spin. The long simmering "Gambler's Blues" was made for Otis allowing his with his deeply emotional voice and guitar spinning a harrowing story. The record ending "Can't Wait No Longer" is a true flop however, attempting to pair Rush up with female backup singers in a psuedo-soul nightmare.

Joe Henderson - Double Rainbow - This came at the end of Henderson's Grammy winning run with Verve, and is one of the most relaxed and melodic recordings he ever made. It's fascinating to go back and lisen to the Blue Note records he made at the brginning of his career and hear the jagged edge he was playing with at the time and compare it to his mellower more patient tone here. Regardless, this Jobim tribute is quite beautiful with wonderful spare arrengements for Henderson on tenor backed with guitar, bass, piano and drums.

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