Thursday, February 17, 2005

Raiding the Bargain Bin

I had a rare day off so I drove south to Red Bank, a wanna-be hip town where Count Basie was born and raised. They have an interesting music store called Jack's which has one level of music books and instruments and another level of CD's and vinyl. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I did a little bit of crate digging and came up with some interesting things. Now the problem with looking for used vinyl at Jack's is that there's always some gems mixed in with the utter crap and they make no effort to separate them. So, many times I've just given up after looking through too many crates of 80's hair bands and Grandma's crooners.

But to make a long story a little shorter, today I found two records by a musician who I have been curious about but just haven't gotten around to exploring that much, multi-wind instrument player and composer Yusef Lateef. The two records I found were an Impulse title called 1984 (which must have sounded quite futuristic when the record was cut in 1965) and an Atlantic record called The Complete Yusef Lateef. Ironically, this is not a compilation but the actual title of the record which according to tried to show him as a complete musician. Something that is never seen in a bargain bin is an original 60's Blue Note record. But to my amazement, here was the record Good Move but organist Freddie Roach who cut a few sessions for them in the 1960's. I could see why it was in the $1.99 bin rather than on ebay for $50 and that was some terrible water damage to the cover and liner notes. But the vinyl was in fine shape and the record was eminently playable. Sometimes record geeks do get the last laugh!

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