Thursday, March 10, 2005

Interesting articles

The New York Times has a fascinating article about the reel-to-reel jazz loft recordings of W. Eugene Smith:

Smith's jazz loft project, if you can call it that, lasted from 1957 to about 1965, through what were arguably jazz's best years, when most of the music's early masters were still alive, and the players of a new generation were challenging its foundations. The project had no proper dimensions, and never attained anything resembling publishable form; it ended when the building's resident musicians moved on and the scene dissipated. When Smith died in 1978, evidence of that period lay deep within his 22 tons of pack-rat archives.

Also from the Times, Ben Ratliff takes on a couple of new CD's, including one that's high on my want list, Kurt Rosenwinkel's Deep Song.

Beyond a handful of intriguing new themes that hide details inside simplicity - "The Cloister," "Brooklyn Sometimes," "Gesture" - it's the band that matters here. They're playing hard and honestly.

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