Friday, March 18, 2005

Jazz Odds and Ends

William Parker has been in the news lately, first with an article and photos in the new Jazz Times and now with a very interesting interview in All About Jazz:

"Persons like Norah Jones inadvertently may have destroyed the jazz aspect of Blue Note Records. Why have jazz when you can have Jones—who is a very nice person and tries to do what she's doing, is it pop jazz?—who sells so many millions. Why don't they buy Matthew Shipp in the millions?"

Also the New York Times has a nice short article about a rare visit to New York from tenor saxophone legend Johnny Griffin:

The tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin is one of those elite older jazz players who contain so much of what makes the music great - rhythm, soul, blues, humor, delight, maturity, sophistication, world-weariness. He has a sound and a presence, and everything he does is interesting, even moving and talking and introducing his band members.

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