Friday, April 08, 2005

Couple of new rock releases

Beck – Guero

Beck is back with a new collection of music bridging all genres of the pop scene. This disc is definitely more upbeat and accessible than his last disc, Sea Change, harkening back to the eclectic successes of Mellow Gold and Odelay. The songs are a diverse mix of rockers like the electric guitar fueled “E-Pro,” and the funky “Hell Yes” which mixes and matches samples with acoustic harmonica with processed beats to make a heady brew. Finally there are a few Sea Change-ish downbeat numbers but overall, it’s an upbeat and interesting record and another interesting entry in the Beck canon.

Bloc Party – Silent Alarm

Bloc Party is the new hip band coming from England in the wake of the Franz Ferdinand phenomenon. With a sound quite reminiscent of the great English punk band Gang of Four, without the Marxist politics however that made the Gang of Four so interesting. In a way it’s kind of ironic that that classic band should re-unite for a tour last year considering how influential their sound has become. Bloc Party’s sound is taught and angular with a fast and heavy drum sound. The band comes blasting out of the gate with their opening song and single “Like Eating Glass” which is followed by several more up-tempo rockers. The pace slows a little bit toward the middle of the album as the band inserts some slower pieces which tend to drag things down but the pace picks back up for a frenetic finish.

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