Saturday, April 16, 2005

Interesting Articles

The San Jose Mercury News has an interesting article on Dave Holland in preperation for the concert his band was playing:

Given his role as a musical innovator dating to his work with Miles Davis in the late 1960s, it's not surprising that Holland is eager to explore freedom afforded by new technology. He wants to make recordings of concerts available online, so that if someone caught him at Yoshi's and loved a particular piece, they could go to his Web site and download it.

Another interesting article concerns the great pianist Ahmad Jamal who has kept something of a low profile lately:

Ahmad Jamal’s music, however, is delicate and restrained; in a space as large as Mandel Hall, Jamal’s subtle melodic whispers risk being engulfed by the cavernous expanse. Indeed at times during the performance the quiet intimacy of Jamal’s music was lost in the physical distance between player and audience. Yet for most of the evening, Jamal was able to overcome the difficulties of the setting and powerfully connect the audience to his music, crafting a performance that managed to be both sensitive and celebratory.

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