Thursday, April 14, 2005

Podcast #2

OK, I made a mess of the whole thing, but it looks like Podcast #2 has finally made it up to the web. For some reason the posting went haywire and it posted 200+ times! Just choose the first one - right click on "Podcast Number Two.mp3" and save to target. Beware: the file is huge! It's 62 mb (if anyone has any ideas about compressing the file without losing sound quality please let me know.) The RSS feed is here. Again, please e-mail me any and all comments! Here's the setlist:

Artist - Title - Album
Howlin' Wolf - Commit a Crime - His Best Vol. 2
David S. Ware - Manu's Idea - Live in the World
J.B. Hutto - Hip Shakin' - Stompin' at Mother Blues
Albert Ayler - The Truth is Marching In - Holy Ghost
The Bad Plus - Iron Man - Give
Brian Patneaude - Inspiration - Distance
Solomon Burke - None of Us Are Free - Don't Give Up on Me
E.S.T. - Viaticum - Viaticum
Kurt Rosenwinkle - Brooklyn Sometimes - Deep Song
Beck - Hell Yes - Guero

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