Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bittorrent Boogie

Dime a Dozen has gotten into full swing as the premier outlet for wide ranging live music downloads on the Internet. Among the recent goodies that I have downloaded include:

Ben Allison – Italy 10/25/02

This was a great flashback for me to my album of the year for 2002, Ben Allison's Peace Pipe, by pulling together the band that made that great album and placing them in a live setting. Allison on bass is joined by Michael Blake on saxophones, Frank Kimbrough on piano, Michael Sarin on drums and Mamadou Diabate on kora. The kora adds a wonderfully delicate and exotic flavor to the chamberish jazz that the group plays. Quirky originals by the band members and a truly memorable cover of Rahsaan Roland Kirk's “Rip Rig and Panic” make this one a joy to listen to.

Masada – Hamburg 11/12/94

This download was an MPEG video of Masada (John Zorn, alto saxophone, Joey Barron, drums, Greg Cohen on bass and Dave Douglas on trumpet) just ripping through a live concert recorded in Germany. For those not familiar with this band's music, it's something like Ornette Coleman's classic music recorded in the late 50's and early 60's for Atlantic, but with the addition of Middle Eastern and Jewish melodies. Despite Zorn's somewhat fearsome reputation, the music is quite accessible. What's amazing is that they are able to improvise at such a fast pace, communicating through hand signals and apparently, ESP. There's an officially released DVD on Tzadik, so if you're not interested in bittorrent, that is well worth checking out.

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