Thursday, May 12, 2005

Interesting Articles:

There's a nice article from the Santa Cruz Style (where else?) looking at Jason Moran's recent melding of blues and jazz:

But it’s not out of the question in Moran’s world that Ives — the iconoclastic 20th-century New England composer who transformed parlor music, gospel hymns and patriotic tunes into symphonic pandemonium — would belly up to the bar with King, a blues staple and icon of a different sort.

Joe Lovano is profiled in the Toronto Globe and Mail in preperation for the release of his new duet album with Hank Jones:

It has been said before: You can tell a lot about a jazz musician by the company he or she keeps. The esteemed American tenor saxophonist Joe Lovano, for example, has recently returned from engagements in Europe with a quartet that included the pianist Hank Jones, who at 86 is among the most revered elders in jazz.

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