Friday, June 17, 2005

Bittorrent boogie

Wayne Krantz Trio – Stockholm 7/20/00 – This is a very nice sounding FM stereo recording of Wayne Krantz on electric guitar, Tim Lefebvre on bass, and Keith Carlock on drums. The music stays on the funky edge of fusion, in fact, Krantz announces at one point during the concert that the group was actually billed as the “Wayne Krantz Funk Trio” in the festival program. The leader employs some electronic processing to his guitar, giving the funky numbers a sort of John Scofield-ish feeling. Krantz is now performing in Chris Potter’s group, so it will be very interesting to see what develops from that partnership.

Carlos Santana – Wayne Shorter Band – Barcelona 7/26/88 – It’s something of a mindblower that none of these concerts have ever been officially released. Both of the principles in this group really inspired one another; after leaving Weather Report where he had been pushed a little bit to the side at the end of their run Wayne Shorter really cut loose on this tour playing some great tenor and soprano. Santana plays very well too, he is obviously inspired by playing with a jazz legend. This very long concert is made up mostly of group and solo improvisations, but never lags… it’s about time for Legacy to get off its butt and make this stuff more readily available.

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