Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Delightful Downloads

David Murray and the Gwotet Masters – Willsau Jazz Festival 2003 As a big fan of David Murray’s ethnic jazz projects, I was excited to find this, which is a performance by Murray with musicians from Guadeloupe and some Americans like the drummer Hamid Drake. This music has a deep rhythmic quality as the many percussionists keep varied beats going for the main soloists like Murray and an electric guitarist whose name I can’t recall to improvise over. Finally, sung lyrics and vocal chants complete the picture. This must have been one hot band to see live.

Mooney Suzuki – London 4/13/05 – The Mooney Suzuki is a sleazy New York City garage rock band that took their name from a combination of the names of the singers in the legendary Krautrock band Can. Slashing guitars, pounding drums and belting vocals recall “Nuggets” era 1960’s rock and roll. This isn’t exactly Mozart, in fact it’s closer to the “stoopid” rock of the Ramones or the Troggs, as most of the songs are about women, cars and music as they sing about so eloquently on “In a Young Man’s Mind.” Still, for blasting rock and roll, stripped to the bone, it’s hard to beat these guys.

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