Thursday, June 02, 2005

Interesting Articles

The Village Voice has a special "Jazz Supliment" this week with several articles. Amongst these is an interesting write-up by Francis Davis about a subject dear to my heart - used record shopping:

At the risk of intellectualizing what is probably a compulsion (if it wasn't records, it would be something else), my urge to collect stems in part from a fascination with the process by which a mass-produced object can eventually become so scarce it's vied for.

Also included in this issue is a useful directory of independent jazz labels by Tom Hull:

So virtually all new jazz comes out of independent companies. What follows is a sample of some of the larger and/or more interesting ones, but there are many more—over 800 without getting into single-artist outfits. For each I've provided a founding date, country, approximate album count, and finally a single pick hit.

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