Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Interesting Bittorrent Concert

Ornette Coleman and Prime Time – Hartford, CT August 1985 – This torrent comes from an Ornette Coleman festival held in Hartford. This was a very well recorded concert with Coleman on alto saxophone, with some trumpet and violin thrown in for good measure; backed by the electric Prime Time ensemble. The music is densely packed as befits Coleman’s “harmelodic” theory of composition and improvisation. Although it is dense, the music does keep a groove and even becomes funky at times – especially when the band kicks into Coleman’s classic theme from his first electric album, Dancing in Your Head, which the crowd clamors for during breaks in the performance. The band and Coleman erupt into the sing-song theme of that piece and then use it as a springboard to jump into an interesting extended improvisation. Coleman’s Prime Time ensembles have never quite gotten the respect of his “classic” quartet, but as this music shows, the band was and is a formidable unit.

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