Sunday, June 26, 2005

Interesting bittorrent download

I've been a big Kinks fan since I was a kid, but lately the Davies brothers haven't been up to much as circumstances have conspired against them. First Ray was shot in New Orleans during a botched robbery attempt, and then Dave suffered a mild stroke. But, in this bittorrent download I found of a Ray Davies solo concert from Denmark, he sounds quite good and rips through both electric and acoustic versions of Kinks favorites and some songs from a planned solo album. Backed with a solid group he's able to bring the old snarl to rockers like "Where Have All the Good Times Gone" and "Low Budget." Some gentle acoustic guitar is perfect for the most beautiful pop song ever written, "Waterloo Sunset."

The new material is quite interesting as well. Ray tells the story of the shooting as "life repeating art" and then plays his new song "The Tourist." I'm not sure if "Stand Up Comic" is a new song or not (my friend John will surely tell me) but regardless, it's a typically Davies-ish scathing attack on British culture. It's great to hear that Ray can still do the deed after all these years, I hope he and Dave have many more in them. God save the Kinks!

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