Monday, June 20, 2005

More Bittorrents

Chris Potter - Malmo, Sweden 3/7/05 - This is the first concert I've heard from tenor saxophonist and composer Chris Potter this year and it marks a fascinating shift for his music away from mainstream post-bop and toward an angular type of jazz fusion. Potter had shown interest in this type of music before, as his last two Concord albums featured electric guitar and his excellent Verve album traveling Traveling Mercies had electric guitar plus fender rhodes and some synth to boot.

On this concert the guitar boost is provided by fusion guitarist Wayne Krantz who really makes his presence felt in the music. The rhythm team is Fima Ephon on bass and Ari Hoenig on drums. Three long improvisations and one shorter one make up this hour long performance (except for "Morning Bell" none of the other titles are announced) and it's interesting how Potter's tone has grown much more muscular over the past few years and now instead of having the pastel voice of the fender rhodes piano beside him, he has an equally muscular voice in the rock-influenced sound of Krantz's guitar. It's an interesting shift in the direction of Chris Potter's music, and although much of his time is taken up with his duties in the Dave Holland Quintet and Big Band, I hope this new group will go into the studio to record a disc soon.

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