Friday, July 01, 2005


White Stripes – Glastonbury Festival, UK 6/24/05 - It took a die-hard fan to slog through the mud and torrential mud to see the White Stripes first high profile gig since the release of their new album, but it was certainly worth it. Meg and Jack White put on an incredible performance for the gathered masses, kicking off with “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and then a whip-tight version of the lead-off single from their new album “Blue Orchid.” It was very interesting to hear how the band handled the new material live in concert. Meg was featured, singing “Passive Manipulation” three times as part of medleys, and Jack broke out the marimba for the odd tale of “The Nurse.” Popular favorites were featured as well, with crown pleasing versions of “Hotel Yorba” and the old Son House chestnut “Death Letter.” The band really rose to the occasion for this performance, fortunately broadcast on the BBC so it was able to be archived clearly both on audio and video for posterity.

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