Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Do the Ipod Shuffle

Being a practicing geek of long standing I couldn't resist picking up an Ipod Shuffle when they came out a couple of months ago. I really like my big mp3 player (40 gb Nomad Zen) but the Shuffle is great for taking to the gym or going hiking since it's a flash player, there's no hard drive to shake around or skip. It's not a super high-tech gadget, I wish there where at least a minimal display but it really holds a charge and does just what it says on the tin.

I am loathe to recommend any product over another, but Itunes does make it pretty easy to manage digital music and make playlists so swap on and off the shuffle. I still prefer Winamp for music streamed from the computer, because it will play FLAC files that I have downloaded via bittorrent without converting them.

I was never much good at making mix tapes during the bygone age of the cassette and I'm now trying to improve that skill a little bit for the shuffle by making a number of different playlists, the cool thing is that the shuffle by its very name will shuffle the tunes so the actual order of the songs doesn't grow stale. So far I've made playlists for the gym (punk and indie rock) and electric improv (fusion and electronica.) Suggestions for playlists are always welcome!

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