Monday, July 04, 2005

E-Bay Blues

Been burned and with both feet on the ground,
I've learned that it's painful comin' down.
No use runnin' away, and there's no time left to stay.
Now I'm finding out that it's so confusin',
No time left and I know I'm losin'.

Neil Young "Burned"

OK, so perhaps I'm being a little melodramatic, but this is the first time I have ever been scammed on e-bay and it's another chip of my innocence lost in the great void. Yep, I'm definitely being melodramatic. The whole sad story goes like this: I saw an entry on e-bay for the Captain Beefheart rarities boxed set Grow Fins and I took a flyer at it. Never expecting to win, I kept my bid at a reasonable $50. When lo and behold I had the high bid at auction's end I was thrilled, and greedily and gullibly sent out a fast $53.50 payment via paypal without waiting to check the seller's ratings and feedback (duh!)

Imagining the shocked and disgusted looks on my co-workers faces as I subjected them to five hours of Beefheartian weirdness from my computer speakers in the office, I eagerly awaited the arrival of the package. And waited... and waited... Finally after two weeks, I respectfully e-mailed the seller asking if he had mailed the set yet... no response. I tried contacting him through e-bay... no response. I'd been had! I had received comeuppance for my greed at the hands of a vile fiend. Shocked and angry e-mails to paypal and e-bay were decided in my favor and they say they will attempt to track down the cutpurse and reclaim my filthy lucre. Meanwhile, I hang my head in shame.

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