Saturday, July 30, 2005

Interesting Articles

The online magazine One Final Note has an interview with saxophonist David Binney:

Born in Florida and raised in Southern California, saxophonist Dave Binney has been immersed in the New York City jazz scene since his arrival there at the age of 19. A prolific artist with nine recordings—including the recent Bastion of Sanity (Criss Cross)—under his own name, Binney has also worked with artists as diverse as Cecil McBee, Maceo Parker, Aretha Franklin, and Medeski, Martin & Wood. Ludwig vanTrikt touched base with Binney earlier this year to talk about his experiences as a musician and producer, as well as his candid opinions of the record industry in general.

The Newark Star-Ledger has an interesting article from Zan Stewart about a special concert to honor Horace Silver and Kenny Dorham:

Showcasing top-rate players of the New York and New Jersey area, the evening revealed how seriously Silver, 76, and Dorham, who died in 1972 at age 48, took composing. The pieces boasted a wealth of engaging melodies. Most were orchestrated for the entire ensemble -- from trio to sextet -- creating full, detailed music of sometimes startling complexity that was also quite moving.

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