Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Interesting articles:

The Village Voice has another in their continuing series of Jazz Consumer Guides:

(Reviewing William Parker's Sound Unity) This is Parker's pianoless quartet, a format that demands two horn players who can dance—who play together even when they seem to be flying off at odd tangents. Trumpeter Lewis Barnes and alto saxist Rob Brown, little known outside of Parker's discography, make a lovely couple. But in this quartet bassist Parker and drummer Hamid Drake aren't content to keep time: They, too, dance. Perfect balance—the political analog is equality—is impossible to achieve, but if you listen to this record four times, each time focusing on a player, you'll hear four slightly distinct albums, each one coherent. They did it. A

The venerable New York Times has a review of the latest Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition, this time focusing on the guitar:

This year's Monk competition, which focused on the guitar, was especially revealing of jazz's complex and sometimes contradictory negotiation between art music and pop.

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