Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bittorrent Boogie - Woogie

The Libertines were one of my favorite modern rock and roll bands, continuing the punk influence of The Clash (and produced by Mick Jones, no less!) Their demise via drug-induced debauchery (Libertine Pete Doherty introduced his then girlfriend Kate Moss to cocaine, how sweet!) , pretty much robbed me of any chance of seeing them perform live, but this torrent of a performance from Le Cat in Bordeaux, France captures them in fine form playing a mix of tunes from their first album and the music that would make up their second album. The sound is not perfect, being an audience recording, but it's good enough to make out the palpable excitement that created such a buzz around this band.

Henry Threadgill has been continually shaking up the jazz scene since he broke out of Chicago with some other AACM stalwarts. After leaving the great trio Air, Threadgill has formed many bands, which feature his unique compositions as well as distinctive alto saxophone and flute playing. This is one of the earliest Threadgill concerts I've seen for torrenting or trading, and it offers a fascinating glimpse into his development as a musician. Joined by a killer band of Chico Freeman - reeds/flute, Muhal Richard Abrams - piano, Fred Hopkins - bass, Steve McCall - drums the band plays two long improvisations which allow everybody to stretch out. Of particular interest is near the very end of the concert where the band drops into a very Air-like old-time jazz passage. Great stuff!

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