Monday, October 24, 2005

Interesting articles has a very interesting interview with longtime friends Sonny Rollins and David S. Ware:

Sonny Rollins and David S. Ware, two of today's most important jazz musicians, are friends. For the first time, they speak together to the press about their music and spirituality.

Always on the lookout for interesting new projects to get involved in, Dave Douglas has turned to scoring the silent films of "Fatty" Arbuckle:

(Quoting Douglas)
"He's really up there with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, and actually predates them. A misconception people have about Fatty Arbuckle is that his films were just about a guy in a bowler hat and people getting hit in the face. Just this nasty slapstick. But when I started watching the films, I found them romantic and really innocent. The humor is really subtle and the acting is kind of balletic. There's something very loving, very devotional. I liked that."

There's an interview with Mose Allison that includes this very funny passage:

"I used to tell a joke. Mose the singer and Mose the songwriter got together and said if we could just get rid of this piano player we can make some serious money... the fact is that I try to play jazz piano, and I keep at it, but nobody knows what my classification is. They ask me if I'm a blues person or a jazz person, but I don't consider myself anything. That's up to other people. I've never seen me, you know?"

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