Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Interesting Articles (Yes, I am a Geek)

Being a librarian as well as a music nerd, I can resist passing along an interesting blog post from the American Library Accositation regarding the future of music:

Their theory: that music, entertainment, and access to information will be billed at a rate lower than cell phones as delivery mechanisms become cheaper to build. This model is subscription-based. You pay monthly for access to the global jukebox of all music and more.

Also a thought-provoking article about music overload, from Stylus Magazine. With yahoo music and bitorrenting, I can agree:

I still felt more of an attachment listening to an actual CD, or even MP3s ripped from a CD to an iPod, than streaming downloaded MP3s through my PC, just because there was an actual thing onto which I could focus attention, perhaps.

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