Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cellar Door Update

Along with many others, I have been anxiously awaiting the Miles Davis at the Cellar Door boxed set, which has been postponed due to legal wrangling. Paul Tingen, who wrote the very interesting book Miles Beyond has an update of the proceedings:

The latest news in the Cellar Door boxed set saga: a new release date has been set for December 17, though the 27th has also been mentioned. I'm still waiting for official confirmation from Sony Columbia, but given the events of the last months, that would hardly set things in stone. The problem remains the Miles Davis Estate, and mainly Miles's nephew, Vince Wilburn. A few weeks before the original release date last September he wanted the credits of Adam Holzman and Bob Belden changed from 'produced by' to 'compiled by.' Understandably, this was not something these two, or Sony, were happy about. Moreover, the Cellar Door set had been more than five years in the making, so the timing of the demand reeked of a hidden agenda.

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