Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First Impressions

Just a quick take on some of the music I have purchased recently. Full reviews to follow soon, I hope!

The Deadly Snakes Porcella: The Deadly Snakes seemed to get lumped in with the other members of the garage rock revival like The White Stripes and The Greenhorns, but their range may surprise people. Calling on a wide range of styles, from rock to pop and R&B, this is a very adventurous record.

Broken Social Scene (self titled): A super-group made up of various members of the Canadian indie rock community, BSS is another band that thrives on the lyrical and musical diversity of their members to create a wide-ranging musical stew that runs the gamut from 'traditional' Pixies-inspired indie rock to the dreaded emo. The thought of a band with a rotating cast of 15+ band members playing a two-disc epic may cause some head-scratching, but the music holds up quite well.

Claudia Qunitet Semi Formal: Nominally led by John Hollenbeck, Claudia takes a kitchen sink approach to music by adding jazz, classical, avant-garde and even a warped pop/lounge sensibility together. Drums and vibes meet freaky organ and clarinet and some occasional skonkin' saxophone for a very unusual and unusual sound.

Polysoft Tribute to Soft Machine: Polysoft is an improvising French band that paid tribute to the legendary prog-rock/jazz fusion band Soft Machine by inviting a few of the older band's members to join them in creating new improvisations based on old Soft Machine compositions. Turns out that the old songs hold up quite well, with a three horn front line juxtaposed against a shimmering backdrop of fender rhodes piano, organ and guitar.

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