Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sam Rivers - Paragon (Fluid, 1977)

Sam Rivers has recorded in many settings over the years, but he keeps coming back again and again to the trio format. On this album, he is joined by regular cohorts, bassist Dave Holland and drummer Barry Altschul. The trio format allows the opportunity for Rivers compositional ideas to be fleshed out while still allowing the musicians room to stretch out and improvise on the melodies with quite a bit of freedom.

Rivers is the star of the session as can be imagined and his full arsenal of tenor and soprano saxophones as well as flute are on display. Holland and Altschul are both solid and fluid in their supporting role throughout this excellent session. Apparently this music is still in vinyl only limbo, but anyone with a turntable and a taste for adventurous music should keep an eye out for this wonderful record.

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