Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ben Ratliff has a couple of interesting articles in the New York Times. The first is a review of the Miles Davis Cellar Door Sessions (damn thing finally came out, and the bastards raised the price! Ha, and they wonder why people download pirated music...) "In spots, the passageways become tiny and dark; waves of musicians, hired for an hour or a month or a year, fade in and out, all subsumed by rhythm. The sound balloons, growing dense and disjunctive and bluntly repetitive, and then winnows down to an ominous rustle."

The second is the obligatory top ten list. He goes with the Monk and Coltrane, which is a respectful choice, but I was kind of hoping he's surprise us and go with a young, vibrant musician. I don't know, maybe somebody whose still... alive? "Every musician on this newly found recording, of a 1957 fund-raising concert, is dead. But before its chance discovery this year, the only people who had ever heard it were those in attendance, so we'll count it as new."

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